Two Decatur natives are on a mission to bring a new level of entertainment to the community

Damien Brown and Bennie Smith (Beans) were born and raised in Decatur and due to career opportunities left the area. A year ago they returned with a new brand to the area in Brown Beans Consulting. Brown Beans Consulting according to Smith is a media entertainment consulting company that is looking to bring new and exciting performances to the Decatur area.

“We want to provide live music, entertainment and production to this area because there is a need for it,” says Smith.

From the moment they met there was an instant connection between the two says Brown. He recalls a mutual respect for what one another was doing at the time.

“When we first met each other there was a mutual respect for what each other was doing at the time,” says Brown. “Ten years ago I moved back to Decatur and met Bennie and we started doing smaller parties at first. Later we produced “Discover the Dinosaurs” show for 18 months and then decided we should move back to our community and take Brown Beans seriously.”

Brown says a lot of people grow up saying there’s “nothing to do in Decatur” which is exactly why they wanted to extend their services. This isn’t the first time they’ve brought a performance to Decatur as just recently they booked a magic show at the Lincoln Square Theatre and brought the comedian Godfrey to the Civic Center.

Coming up on December 3rd Brown Beans Consulting is bringing “The Fabulous Motown Revue” to the Lincoln Square Theatre.

“I think this Motown show is spreading across the masses and gaining a lot of traction,” says Brown. “We’ve been hammering it really hard in the community to make sure there’s quality entertainment in Decatur.”

What’s next for Brown Beans Consulting? Smith says they have a country star Maggie Rose coming in February and they have an exciting addition to the Decatur Celebration that they are teasing at this time. He says they’ll also be bringing educational activities for children to prepare future leaders for the workforce.

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